Lumi Wireless Technologies is pioneering and commercializing self-powered communications.

We are developing a patent pending autonomous wireless network consolidator platform that provides seamless communication between multiple networks. Our devices specialize in getting local area data, communications or video to the point of back haul (fiber, microwave or satellite) which connects to the Network Operations Center (NOC) through an Autonomous Uninterruptable Network.

Our product platform for utilities, municipalities and emerging/developing markets continues to operate when the grid goes down and has global applications in a broad range of markets, including  Smart Grid / Smart Cities / Smart Traffic, rural school internet, oil field, industrial sensor networks and military applications.

It is a  multi-use, autonomous network consolidator platform built in IPv6/IPv4, standards based and compliant with security standards FIPS 140-2 and NISTIR 7628. RF pico/femto cells are integrated to devices as wired-to-wireless nodes. Field Area Networks for low power RF Mesh Wi-Fi, with WiMAX/LTE to a fiber/microwave/satellite back haul. The entire network is self-powered and independent of the electric grid. This early-stage start-up is a member of DOE Foresight Commercialization, IBM Global Entrepreneur and the Tech Ranch Incubator. Three Provisional Patents have been filed through HulseyIP and a Delaware C corporation has been chartered through Andrews/Kurth.
We connect the infrastructure-
that is what makes a city smart.
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